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We offer the convenience and compassion of the old-fashioned house call with modern high-tech diagnostic and treatment options.  We also provide our services with no travel fees once weekly at an assisted-care facility, grooming salon, neighborhood association, or pet store.  If your group is interested in this, please contact us.


We are happy to provide you with a list of options and associated costs upon request.  Here is a partial list of the services we offer:

Wellness Exams and Vaccines

In order to keep your pet healthy over the long term, it helps to have them examined at least once a year by a veterinarian.  We can catch health problems earlier and have a better chance to make a positive impact on their overall health.  We can also answer any questions you may have about the care of your pet.

We use a customized approach to vaccinating your pet.  We look at your pet's lifestyle, age, medical history, and risk of exposure to diseases and keep vaccinations to a minimum.  We also offer vaccine titer testing so that we can determine if your pet even needs a vaccine booster.

Sick Pet Care

It can be so stressful when your pet is sick.  We are here to help your pet feel better and put your mind at ease.  We start with an exam and determine what further information we may need to help us diagnose their illness.  We may recommend some diagnostic testing to make sure we are giving the right treatment to help your pet's problems.  We offer digital x-ray, ultrasound, bloodwork such as complete blood cell counts and blood chemistry analysis, labwork such as fecal testing, urinalysis, and specific disease testing right in our mobile clinic with results during your appointment.  We understand that what is right for each family is different and will support you and your pet with whatever scope of services is best for your situation and financial constraints.

We treat sick pets with medications that we carry in our mobile clinic and also offer an online pharmacy for your medications, if desired.  We try to treat your pet in the low stress comfort of home and spend the time necessary to make you comfortable participating in their care if you wish.  If your pet is too sick to treat at home, we may recommend referral to a specialist or hospital.


We are able to offer basic surgical services for spays, neuters, mass removals, laceration repairs, etc. right in our mobile clinic.  For more specialized surgeries or those that may require hospitalization, we may refer you to a specialist or hospital in our area.

We offer pre-surgical services such as bloodwork or health screenings to decide if your pet is healthy enough for surgery and anesthesia.  We also use this information to pick the optimum anesthetic protocol for your pet.  We offer several types of anesthesia including injectable, local, gas, and reversible.  We also provide anesthetic monitoring so we can adjust our anesthesia through the procedure as needed.  We always use pain medications for the procedure and afterward to keep your pet as comfortable as possible.


Dental health is an important component in overall health.  We offer dental cleaning including scaling and polishing the teeth.  We have the capability to perform full dental x-rays using our digital system to assess any need for extractions or repair. 

We typically perform dental cleanings under anesthesia and offer full preanesthetic screenings and monitoring during the procedure.  However, if your pet is a candidate, we may be able to provide a gentle dental cleaning without anesthesia.  This is reserved for pets with the proper temperament, mild dental disease, and no extractions.  We would be happy to evaluate your pet for this option if desired.

Digital X-ray

We have two portable digital x-ray machines, one for the body and one for dental evaulations.  We are able to view the digital films right in our mobile clinic during your visit.  This gives us important information that we can use during your visit to treat your pet.  These digital films can be attached to your pet's medical record, emailed to you so you can view them, or sent to a specialist if needed.


We have a screening ultrasound machine aboard our mobile clinic.  Our ultrasound machine is useful in viewing soft tissue structures and masses as well as evaluating pregnancy.  We are also able to attach our digital ultrasound pictures to your pet's medical record, email them to you, or send them to a specialist if needed.


We have blood analyzers in our mobile clinic that can give us valuable information during your appointment that we use to develop a treatment plan for your pet.  We can run a complete blood count which gives us information about infections, anemia, and hydration, and a chemistry panel which gives us information about liver and kidney function, blood sugar, and electrolyte balance. 


We are proud to offer the following lab services right in our mobile clinic with results during your appointment:

-  fecal analysis for parasites

-  urinalysis 

-  vaccine titers

-  ear cytology

-  ear mite check

-  skin scrapings for parasites

-  heartworm testing

-  tick-bourne disease screening

-  feline leukemia/feline aids screening

-  parvo testing

-  fine needle aspirates of some masses

We can also send out tests which take longer to run such as cultures and sensitivites, specific disease testing, histopathology, and medication monitoring to name a few.

Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

We are excited to offer acupuncture using needles or a laser as another helpful treatment tool.  In our experience, acupuncture is more effective in the calm setting of the pet's home rather than in a busy vet hospital after a stressful car ride.  We also offer an integrative approach to health using our modern western medications and eastern herbal supplements if desired.


We offer hospice support for your pet in your home.  We understand that the last days or weeks of your pet's life is a stressful time, but we want to help your pet remain comfortable and allow you that extra time to be with them before they pass.  We can help with suggestions for environmental modifications, pet comfort, medical management, and emotional support.  We are happy to work with your regular established veterinarian to work with you in your home to care for your beloved pet.

At-home Euthanasia

For some families, euthanasia is a final loving gift to their beloved pet.  We are able to help with this in the privacy and comfort of your own home or a peaceful outside location if desired.  We are also able to help with body care afterward. We offer respectful transport to a local facility for communal or private cremation with a variety of memorial and return options. 

Online consultation with veterinarian. Vet examining animal via video chat. Dog check up d


For some minor concerns, telemedicine may be an option for your pet.  Although telemedicine does not provide the opportunity for a detailed exam or workup, many common conditions can be assessed or treated.  Telemedicine can also be used for some rechecks or follow-up visits.   We may ask that you provide pictures or videos using your phone camera or tell you how to check something on your pet that will help us assess it.  It may be possible for us to suggest some home treatment or prescribe prescription medications that you may fill with our on-line pharmacy, pick up, or have delivered.  To be eligible for our telemedicine services, you must have an in-person appointment at least once a year.

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