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Typical Appointment

A typical appointment lasts around an hour.  Surgical appointments may be a half-day to make sure your pet is awake and doing well before we leave.  When we are on our way to your location, we will give you a call to firm up an arrival time.  If we are running behind, we will call you to let you know and offer alternative arrangements if necessary.  Please be understanding, we may get behind treating a more extensive health crisis than we anticipated or traffic may be unpredictable.

Before we arrive:  When we call, please make sure that your pet(s) are available to be seen.  Cats especially seem to have that sixth sense and will disappear just before our arrival.  You may wish to put them in a small room or bathroom to assure that we can find them.

On arrival:  We would be happy to see your pet inside your home or you may wish to bring your pet to our mobile clinic parked outside.  You are welcome to do either, both, or just have a tour!  There are some procedures that we may need to bring your pet inside our state-of-the-art clinic parked right outside your home.

During the appointment:  Since we can't speak to your pet, we will be asking you lots of questions to help us.  But don't forget, we are interested in you too and love to hear about how you are doing!  We will do a physical exam of your pet and discuss any recommendations with you prior to initiating any treatments, tests, or procedures.  We are happy to answer any questions you have and will provide a full estimate beforehand.  We understand that what is right for each family in both options and financial constraints is different.  We will work with you to provide the best fit of services for your particular situation.  We would love to step you through anything that you will need to do to care for your pet.  We will collect payment before leaving and provide you with a paper receipt, email receipt or both.  We take cash, checks, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

After we leave:  Please feel free to call us with any questions.  With such a long appointment, we understand that it is hard to remember everything!  

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