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Welcome to Fetch A Vet!

We are a full-service mobile veterinary clinic serving the Fort Myers area.  If you miss the old-fashioned housecall but want the newest diagnostic and treatment capabilities, we are the vet for you.

We feel that so much personal compassion has been lost in the high-volume practices of today.  At-home veterinary care is ideal because

-  the focus is on you and your pet with fewer interruptions and distractions

-  both pets and owners are more relaxed

-  there is more privacy in difficult and highly emotional situations

-  older pets and elderly people don't have to travel

-  families with children can wait at home and not in a crowded waiting room

-  no trying to juggle multiple pets.

Dr. Melton started this veterinary practice to ensure that both pets and their families could receive quality medical and surgical services in the comfort and convenience of their own home.  Whether you are in search of traditional veterinary care, acupuncture and herbal therapies, or telemedicine, we bring our veterinary staff and mobile clinic right to your front door. 

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